Your dream packaging comes to life with Spiltag!


Spiltag is a leading manufacturer of rigid packaging products and related services for the Personal Care & Beauty, and Cosmetics industry.

Founded in 1995, the company has been serving clients globally and has evolved over the years to incorporate innovative product management and design capabilities.


Spiltag places a strong emphasis on design and understands that packaging is not just a functional requirement, but also a key element in creating a memorable brand experience.

Spiltag Industrial brings to small and mid-sized businesses high-end, exclusive projects of PET packaging solutions with world-class quality, cost-efficiency, and competitive lead time.

Spiltag is Brazil’s #1 supplier for the Beauty & Personal Care, and Cosmetic industries, servicing global luxury brands suchas L’Oréal, L’Occitane, Pierre Fabre, Galderma, Fareva, and Natura. 

Now, all of Spiltag’s international expertise is available to your company. No matter your project’s complexity, Spiltag is your business’ best packaging partner.

It's more than a package, it's a Spiltag product!


Wide range of products with over 150 models;

Over 500 colors and design options for unique and brand-representative packaging;

Screen print and hot stamp solutions for decoration;

Expertise in bespoke, custom-made projects;

LPPD methodology for delivering projects with high speed, low cost and minimal rework.

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